Water well

The farm will need water! Being located far from municipal utilities and services, High Desert Heirloom Farm will have to depend on a well for water to be used in irrigation.

According to available data, this well will most likely be between 100 and 200 feet deep. A flow of at least 5 gallons per minute will be required to provide enough water to use in irrigating the crops.

Pumping will be limited to 1,800 gallons per 24 hour period. Since irrigation will only occur during hours of darkness, to limit evaporation, water storage tanks will be utilized to hold at least three days worth of water needs and filled during hours when irrigation is not ongoing.

Costs of installing the well range from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on factors such as access and set-up fees, depth of the well itself, and installation of the well pump and solar/wind power system.