High desert Heirloom Farm

Located on 80 acres 16 miles west-northwest of Winnemucca Nevada.

Farming operation is scheduled to start in early spring of 2015.

The goal of the farm is research into heirloom vegetable and herb varieties, harsh environment farming methods, and seed propagation.

Only natural means of fertilization and pest control will be used. We will not rely on possibly toxic fertilizers or pesticides that could do more damage than good.

Currently, the land is undeveloped. A well for irrigation will have to be installed, solar and wind systems will have to be installed for power requirements. Sheds and greenhouses will have to be built, and a septic system will have to be put in.

A funding campaign on GoFundMe is ongoing for the purpose of initial start-up costs. That campaign can be found here: High Desert Heirloom funding campaign.

The blog will detail all the work done on the farm, the results of our efforts, detailed “How To” articles, and other items of interest. All information published on the blog is free to use and sharing links to our articles is highly encouraged!

High Desert Heirloom Farm

80 Acres of Northern Nevada High Desert outside of the town of Winnemucca NV.

  • Only natural farming methods.
  • Heirloom vegetables and herbs.

  • A minimum of 10% of each planting reserved for seed production.

  • Minimum of 50% of produce and herb crops donated to food bank.

  • Remainder of crops sold to sustain and grow the farm.

  • Bees will be relied upon for pollination. Honey will be sold as a cash crop.

  • No GMO varieties.

  • No hybrid varieties.

  • No chemical pesticides.

  • No chemical fertilizers.

  • Daily updates on the blog. Information, lessons learned, for anyone to use for their own garden or farm.

Projected start of farm operations will be April 01, 2015. This will allow for starting some seed stock 8 weeks prior to the last frost of the year and for planting started plants in time for an initial crop.

In order to get there though, a few things should be done. The following is a list, in order of importance and need, of what this funding campaign is designed to help with.

  • Irrigation well. This well will provide water to irrigate the farm.

  • Irrigation piping and installation. Drip irrigation and subsurface irrigation will be used.

  • Fencing to protect crops from wildlife damage.

  • Greenhouse structures. This will help in starting plants prior to the last frost date.

  • Solar and wind power generation. The land is not serviced by public utilities.

  • Equipment for cultivation.

We are looking for $20,000 in funding to get this project started. That amount will guarantee a start for the 2015 growing season.

All contributors of $100 or more will share in the first season’s seed production to be distributed by December 01, 2015. In addition to that, our first educational DVD will be sent to each contributor of $100 or more as soon as it becomes available.

Continued funding to operate and grow the farm will come from cash crops as outlined above.

Check back to our blog often for updates! We’ll be adding pages to the blog soon further detailing the operation.