Transitioning away from smoking…my journey toward quitting cigarettes.

Transitioning away from smoke…
Smoking is being banned everywhere
Smoking is being banned everywhere
Everyone knows well enough that smoke can kill. Smoke, from various combustible sources, is never a healthy thing to inhale.
However, many of us, me included, have inhaled smoke from tobacco. I still do! I only smoke two or three cigarettes per day, on average, now but, I still smoke.
What I’m doing though is transitioning away from that smoke toward “vapor”.
Vapor is basically steam. It does NOT contain the same particulates of “smoke” and, according to studies such as those conducted in the UK, vapor is 95% LESS potentially harmful than smoke from tobacco. You can find the study right here! Check it out! More studies can be found in an index here.
The vapor in question comes from a liquid made up of Polypropylene Glycol (a food grade additive), Vegetable glycerin (another food grade additive), flavorings (such as natural tobacco extract or fruit extracts), and nicotine (extracted from tobacco). Sometimes, pure water is also a part of the liquid.
Most people looking for an alternative to cigarettes choose to go with a e cigarette they find in their local smoke shop or convenience store. Those are often unsatisfactory! I never really like them though I did try several kinds. They are classified as “cig-a-like” since they have the shape and coloring of a cigarette.
Cig-A-Like type of e cigarette
Cig-A-Like type of e cigarette

The problem I found with the “Cig-A-Like” type of e cigarette was that it didn’t taste right, the “cartomizer” (the end that holds the liquid and atomizer) never lasted very long, the batteries didn’t last long, and they were more expensive than making my own, well blended, cigarettes. Just not a satisfying experience for me.

I kept smoking my own blend of tobacco in cigarettes I made!

Though I had found a way to reduce the expense of cigarettes, That did nothing to reduce the negative health effects!

Recently though, I found my way back to e cigarettes and different models that, so far, have been very satisfactory and much less expensive.

My current favorite e cigarette is the H2+ from Buck Naked. It has a 2ml tank that holds whatever liquid I choose to use. I can go with no nicotine at all or go with high nicotine. I can choose the flavor of liquid I like best, currently it’s “Turkish Tobacco” flavor. The battery will last an entire day and most of the night before needing to be recharged. Recharging is simple via a charger that plugs into any USB port on my computer, laptop, or USB wall plug adapter.

Buck Naked H2+ Starter Kit
Buck Naked H2+ Starter Kit

This thing is SMALL! It’s about 1/2″ diameter and only 5.25 inches long. It has been what has allowed me to reduce my smoking . I also use one other little e cigarette called The Skinny when driving. Though that one gives off less vapor, it seems perfect for use when driving around. It’s less than 5 inches long and about 3/8 inch diameter. The tank on it is refillable and holds only .6 ml of liquid. Good for about 3 or 4 hours use before the battery needs to be recharged. It also recharges via a USB charger but only takes about 30 minutes to charge up.


Buck Naked "Skinny" e cigarette
Buck Naked “Skinny” e cigarette

So far, I’ve spent less than $40 on e cigarettes and liquid. The e cigarettes themselves will last a good long time so, the only ongoing expense is the liquid. A 10ml bottle runs about $6 and lasts about 7 days. It is less expensive to buy in larger quantities such as a 30ml bottle for about $17. I like the idea that I can get a small bottle to try out before jumping to a larger bottle.

Yes, I still make a cigarette from time to time but, gradually, I’m getting away from them and these devices are certainly helping ME do that.