Our retail store operation

High Desert Heirloom Farm is to be partially financed by our retail operation at High Desert Tobacco. It’s an online store selling tobacco related products such as cigarette machines, cigarette tubes, and rolling papers. We also sell some flags, including Confederate themed flags.

The store started out well enough but things got a bit dicey soon after. We were selling whole leaf tobacco and that caused us some problems. Even though whole leaf tobacco is NOT considered a ‘tobacco product” but just a simple agricultural product, PayPal and most merchant account services do not see it that way. We lost the ability to process payments for a while.

In order to gain a merchant account, we had to drop our whole leaf tobacco lines. So be it. We’ll get back to those sales in time.

The bottom line is that High Desert Tobacco online store is again, open for business! Please stop by and take a look at our excellent inventory and great pricing!