Roll your own cigarettes for the best smoking and lowest cost.

Many people are starting to roll their own cigarettes in order to save a little money. It’s a small but growing trend that will only get larger as states ,and the federal government, keep piling on punitive taxes on cigarettes.

Any tobacco product cut and advertised as “cigarette tobacco” also gets punitively taxed at the state level. that makes saving money by rolling your own cigarettes more difficult.

Some folks have started using “pipe tobacco” that isn’t taxed so heavily to roll their own cigarettes and that is certainly a viable way to go. There are some fine pipe tobacco blends on the market for sure and the price is still fairly reasonable.

We, at High Desert Heirloom, know that there are even better ways to get the best cigarette possible at the lowest cost. We advocate the use of “whole leaf” tobacco. Since whole leaf tobacco is an agricultural product, it is not subject to the punitive taxation that processed tobacco products have. In addition, it’s all natural stuff! No added flavors or chemicals and there are enough varieties so that the smoker can develop a blend he or she finds to be the best smoking in the world.

Our store, High Desert Tobacco,  sells everything you’ll need to blend your own tobacco, enjoy the finest smoking in the world and save huge amounts of money doing it. For the cigarette smoker, that gets you cost down to about $1 per pack!

We’re excited to have several new products to offer in addition to our fine whole leaf tobacco.

Here are a few of the items we have recently started to sell:

Powermatic S tobacco leaf shredder:

The Powermatic S is an electric powered leaf shredder that provides perfectly shredded tobacco for cigarettes. Yes, it costs $275 plus shipping but, for the average, 2 pack per day, smoker, that’s less than he or she would spend in one month buying commercially made cigarettes.

Here is a video of the Powermatic S shredder


Another product from Zico USA is the Powermatic MINI cigarette injector machine. We have these in black and white versions.

Of course, we have rolling papers, filters, tubes, more injector machines, and much more to come.