Smoke for less… smoke less too.

Our store, High Desert Tobacco, is offering great deals to help the smoker smoke for far less money, and probably smoke fewer cigarettes at the same time.

The cost of your smoking, if you use whole leaf tobacco and make your own cigarettes, will go down to around $1 per pack! For the 2 pack a day smoker, that can be a savings of  over $4,000 per year! Imagine what you can do with that amount of money!

As for smoking less, I’ll talk from personal experience! When I first started rolling my own cigarettes, using commercially produced cigarette tobacco, my smoking immediately went from over 2 packs per day to one pack per day, and often less than that. The reasons are a bit fuzzy in my mind but, perhaps it was because I was getting a more satisfying smoke and didn’t feel the need to light up as often. Now that I use whole leaf tobacco to blend tobacco to my preferred taste, I do smoke less than a pack per day. The cigarettes are so satisfying I simply do not get the urge as often and I enjoy each and every cigarette much more.

So, what does it cost to use whole leaf tobacco?

Keep in mind that you will probably want four kinds of tobacco:

Virginia Flue Cured is a main ingredient of American cigarette blends:

Virginia Flue cured tobacco. The big center rib of the leaf is easy to see here.
Virginia Flue cured tobacco. The big center rib of the leaf is easy to see here.

We sell Virginia Flue Cured for $15.99 per one pound package or a 1/4 pound package for $4.95. The one pound package is the best deal going and you’ll eventually want to buy this tobacco one pound at a time. You can find it here: Virginia Flue Cured one pound package and here Virginia Flue Cured 1/4 pound package.

I also use Virginia Brightleaf Flue Cured tobacco. This is NOT a normal part of commercial cigarette blends but it does lighten the smoke significantly! If you prefer a light cigarette, you’ll want it and if you prefer an ultra-light cigarette, you’ll want a lot of it!

Virginia Brightleaf tobacco.
Whole leaf Virginia Brightleaf tobacco we’ll sell by the pound or in four ounce packages

We sell Virginia Brightleaf Flue Cured by the pound and by the quarter pound. A one pound package will cost you $15.99 and a 1/4 pound package will cost you $4.95.

Another type you’ll want, but not nearly as much of it unless you like a strong smoke, is Tennessee Burley. I use  a maximum of 25% Tennessee Burley in my smokes. It adds flavor and body as well as a bit of a nicotine hit.

Whole leaf Tennessee Burley tobacco
Whole leaf Tennessee Burley tobacco

As with the previous tobaccos, we sell one pound and quarter pound packages of Tennessee Burley tobacco.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Turkish Izmir tobacco! This is an oriental type of tobacco with tiny leaves. Unlike the Tennessee and Virginia varieties, you don’t have to worry about removing that big center rib. This tobacco will add a nice, sweet/spicy, flavor to your smoke. I use about 15% in my cigarette blend.

A mild, lower nicotine, tobacco.
A mild, lower nicotine, tobacco.

We also sell this by the pound and by the quarter pound.

So, to start, if you’re not sure you want to commit to this route, I would suggest get a 1/4 pound package of each kind. We have actually made up a sampler combo just for that purpose. It contains 1/4 pound packages of each type of tobacco at a small savings. You can find it here for $18.95.

Sampler combo pack of whole leaf tobacco.
1/4 pound packages of four most popular whole leaf tobaccos we sell.

With this package, you will be able to experiment with blends until you find a smoke you absolutely love!

Of course you’ll have to shred the tobacco so you can use it. A hand cranked pasta machine that has spaghetti cutters will do the job or, you can do like many people do and cut it with a knife of scissors. Another option is to buy our hand cranked tobacco shredder or buy the other combo deal that includes that shredder for $56.95. The shredder will last a couple of years in normal use if you don’t abuse it. The shredder by itself is $37.95.

So, let’s say you got that sampler pack by itself. You’ve spent $18.95 so far and you’ll have enough tobacco to make more than a carton of cigarettes… probably close to 2 cartons. Keep that dollar amount in mind.

If you’re like me and want cigarettes that look and smoke like commercially made cigarettes, you’ll need empty tubes that have filters at one end. Those range in price from $2.00 for a carton of 200 to $2.45 for a carton of 250. For menthol smokers, there are tubes to give you that flavor too! All our rolling papers and cigarette tubes are here.

Cigarette tubes.
Full flavor, king sized, cigarette tubes. There are 200 in each box of this brand.

Let’s stay with an experimental venture and you’re just trying this whole leaf thing out so, you just want one carton of cigarette tubes. That’s $2.00. Now, we’re up to $20.95 and only going to make one carton of smokes. That’s more than $1 per pack for sure but still far less than the normal $6 or more per pack of ready-made smokes.

One more thing you’ll want is a way to get the tobacco into those empty tubes! We sell a couple of tobacco injectors just for that purpose and plan on selling more kinds in the near future.

Injector machines come in a lot of varieties but, we suggest you get one that works easily without breaking the bank. Our Powermatic Mini fits that bill perfectly! It’s $17.95 but will work smoothly and give you years of use. It does the job of stuffing your shredded and blended tobacco into your empty tubes.

Cigarette injector machine.
Powermatic Mini cigarette injector machine.

Of course, you can spend as little as $3.00 on an even cheaper type but I doubt you’ll like it much. We sell them because some folks do like them but, I personally do not.

fresh Choice cigarette injector
fresh Choice cigarette injector

OK, so now, we’re up to a total of $38.90 for tobacco and accessories. that’s still less than the cost of one carton of commercially made cigarettes.  The bonus is that the shredder and the injector will last a good long time and all you’ll ever need to buy over again, if you decide to stick with whole leaf tobacco, is the tobacco itself and the tubes, or rolling papers!

Once you know your blend, you’ll also know how much of each type of tobacco you’ll need. Once you know that, you’ll probably start purchasing by the pound and your cost per pack of cigarettes will come down to about $1 per pack!

Each week, we’re going to be adding more products such as power shredders, more injectors, filters for hand rolled cigarettes, pipes (water pipes even!), more brands of rolling papers and cigarette tubes, and we’ll eventually expand our selection of tobaccos too.

I hope this post has been informative!