Avoid the “Tax Monster”!

Stop feeding the enemy! Really, we feed the government more than enough through payroll and sales taxes. there is no need to feed it more money to waste in order to get the things you desire.

Many of the things you buy are taxed heavily long before you get your hands on them. Then, you have to pay sales tax on top of it! It’s simply wrong.

The government tries to say it’s taxing the “business”. Ummmm…. bullshit!

Yes, the “business” that produces the things subject to heavy excise and “sin” taxes do send that money to the treasury but, YOU PAY THE TAX in the form of increased cost for the product you want! Every time the government institutes, or increases, a tax on something, YOU PAY in the form of increased prices.

Well, there is a little known secret.

If you’re willing to do so, you can get the materials before any tax is imposed and then put it all together yourself. by doing that, there IS NO excise tax!

Home brewers of beer and makers of wine have known this for decades! They make their own beer and wine, bypassing the federal and local excise taxes entirely.

Another segment of consumers are being taxed to death and are slowly finding out they too can bypass the taxman.That segment of the population are those people who smoke tobacco in various forms, pipe, cigarettes, cigars…

Cigarette tobacco is taxed the most heavily at the federal, state, and local, levels. the taxes are now so high that in some places, the lowest price for a pack of cigarettes is over $10!!!! Now, smokers have found that they can save thousands of dollars per year by purchasing their tobacco essentially “straight from the farm” in whole leaf form. All they need to do is shred that tobacco, blend it to their preferred taste, and make their own cigarettes or pipe tobacco.Cigar smokers discovered this a long time ago!

One company catering to the smokers who want to dramatically lower the cost of their cigarettes, as low as $1 per pack, is High Desert Tobacco! They are an online retailer only and you must be over the age of 18 to use their site. They offer the four most common types of tobacco used to make cigarettes and pipe tobacco as well as everything you’ll ever need to make the best, lowest cost, smoke you’ve ever had.

So, if you smoke, pipe, hooka, or cigarettes, head on over to High Desert Tobacco and start saving thousands of dollars per year!