Our store is now online and operating!

We’ve reached a point where we felt comfortable placing the store in “live” mode. Though we still do not have all of our products listed, we have more than enough for anyone wanting to lower their smoking cost to get started!

The site has been tested by us and it’s working perfectly! We enabled guest checkout so you are not required to get an account, though siging up for one is desirable!. PayPal is our payment processor and YES, you can use your debit or credit card with PayPal WITHOUT having a PayPal account, the link for that is right under the normal PayPal sign-in block on the PayPal page. the reason for using PayPal is because payment takes you OFF of our site t the very secure PayPal site. PayPal secures all of your financial information and we do not process any of it or store any of it on our site’s servers.

So, please visit High Desert Tobacco today!