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High Desert Tobacco is getting ready! A preview…

We’ve gotten in our first shipment of tobacco so, we figured it was time to let folks see what we’ll be offering to start things off.

First of all, let’s take a look at the tobacco sampler package. This is 6 ounces of tobacco made up of four ounces of Virginia Brightleaf, one ounce of Tennessee Burley, and one ounce of Turkish.

This package contains 4oz Virginia, 1oz Burley, and 1oz Turkish
This package contains 4oz Virginia, 1oz Burley, and 1oz Turkish


Next, we have Virginia Brightleaf that we’ll sell by the pound or in four ounce packages.

Virginia Brightleaf tobacco.
Whole leaf Virginia Brightleaf tobacco we’ll sell by the pound or in four ounce packages

And, our Tennessee Burley that is also sold by the pound or in four ounce packages.

Whole leaf Tennessee Burley tobacco
Whole leaf Tennessee Burley tobacco


This is how it comes to us. It’s in great shape! Good moisture content to keep it pliable and free of mold. When you get it, you can shred it right away but we suggest letting it dry out in the open air a little before blending and smoking.

A new retail business entity… High Desert Tobacco

As I posted before, I incorporated High Desert Heirloom LLC and had intended to use that business entity for online sales of whole leaf tobacco.

UPDATE- 4/30/2015:

The online store should be ready for business by the end of next week 5/8/2015!

Upon further consideration, I found that using the LLC for sales was not my best option so, I have established a new entity and associated domain, High Desert Tobacco. The domain and website is but, the site is not live for use just yet! There is a lot of setup to be done before customers will be able to use the site to order their tobacco or accessories.

Please stay tuned! I’ll make a big announcement when the retail site is live and ready to use!

Finding your perfect cigarette blend.

Since High Desert Heirloom LLC will soon be selling whole leaf tobacco via the site ‘’ in the near future, I felt it would be good to help prospective customers know how to actually use the stuff!

This is a fairly involved post and a bit lengthy. I’m trying to convey all the important points clearly.

Firstly, perhaps we should talk about why to use whole leaf tobacco to make your own cigarettes with.

  • Cost. The average pack of Marlboro or other brand name cigarettes cost well over $5. Using whole leaf tobacco will drop that cost to under $1 per pack!
  • Health. Now, every government agency and every doctor and everyone against smoking will say that using whole leaf tobacco is not any better for you than using manufactured tobacco products. It is MY opinion though, that whole leaf is healthier! Here is why:
    • No added chemicals! The tobacco industry does several things to tobacco that goes into the standard cigarette they sell. One of those things is to take all the stems and pieces and turn it into the same sort of pulp that paper would be made from. In fact, other than not bleaching it, the process is the same and they end up with a product called ‘reconstituted tobacco’ and they use that in their cigarette blends. In addition to the ‘reconstituted tobacco’ crap, they add other chemicals to alter taste and nicotine levels.
  • Satisfaction. Using whole leaf tobacco, you can easily make your own custom blend that has the taste and level of strength (From very mild to super strong) that you like best and duplicate that as much as you like. You could have several blends to use through the day. You might have blends for your morning smokes, another for mid day, and another for that relaxing evening smoke before bed.
  • Entertainment. What? Cigarettes for entertainment? Well, the process of shredding and blending your own batch of tobacco can be quite entertaining and many people make a hobby of experimenting just to see what they end up with.

“Hey, I can get bags of tobacco for cheap and I don’t have to do all that shredding and blending stuff!” Yep, you can buy blended pipe tobacco pretty cheaply for sure! But, you’re getting the blend the manufacturer dictates AND you’re still getting chemical additives! They add chemicals to alter flavors, burning characteristics, and o preserve the moist tobacco.

When you buy whole leaf tobacco, whether from us at or from another retailer of whole leaf, you get plain straight tobacco as it comes from the grower. Nothing added, nothing taken away. All the leaf is checked to ensure it’s in good condition and it arrives at your door, or mail box, ready to shred! It looks a lot like this:

A strong, air cured tobacco
A strong, air cured tobacco

So, let’s get on with how to find the blend you like best and how to duplicate it!

At, we’ll be selling a ‘blend pack’ consisting of about 11.2oz of flue cured Virginia brightleaf, 2.5oz of Tennessee Burley, and 2.5oz of Turkish Izmir tobaccos. That closely corresponds to the common blend used in manufactured cigarettes and is plenty for experimentation! 1 ounce of tobacco will easily make a full pack of cigarettes… actually, two or more.

There are a couple of ways to experiment and find a blend you like. A very low tech method is demonstrated in the video below but, consistency suffers a bit using that method:

You can see that the technique above is a rough “guestimation” sort of thing at best. It works, after a fashion, but is not the best method. There are better ways!

The best method is by using a small digital scale that will weigh your tobacco down to 0.01 ounces. Those are fairly inexpensive and pretty darned accurate! will be selling scales but we don’t have any in stock just yet. Many retailers sell them and you may find one that works at your local Walmart, Target, Sears, or other shops. Pawn shops often have them and sometimes, they show up at Goodwill stores.

The reason for this is that you’ll be blending your tobacco according to percentages or absolute weights and want to be able to keep track of how much of each tobacco type you are using.

After shredding a small amount of each of your tobacco types, we’ll cover that process at another time, you can get started with your experiments of blending.

First of all, I suggest you simply roll a cigarette of all Virginia brightleaf and try it out! You’ll find that it’s sort of ‘middle of the road’ in body. Not super mild nor super strong tasting. Many people prefer it.

Next, you might try putting 0.08 ounces of Virginia brightleaf with 0.02 ounces of Turkish Izmir and try that. Make sure to mix the two tobaccos completely so that the Turkish is distributed throughout the Virginia tobacco so the taste is consistent through the whole cigarette. I think you’ll find that this gives you a milder smoke.

If that mix was too mild, try going to 0.09 ounces of Virginia tobacco with 0.01 ounces of the Turkish.

Perhaps that was “OK” but not fulfilling. Now might be a good time to add the Tennessee Burley to the mix. Try 0.08 ounces of Virginia, 0.01 ounces of Tennessee Burley, and 0.01 ounces of Turkish and see how that tastes.

If it’s too strong, try cutting down the Virginia a little, maybe to 0.06 ounces, and increasing the Turkish to 0.03 ounces. If it was too light, cut the Virginia tobacco to 0.06 ounces, increase the Burley to 0.02 ounces, and keep the Turkish at 0.02 ounces.

Write down the weights each time you change the mix and notate how you liked each one! When you find ‘the right mix’ for your personal taste, you now have the proportions you need to make that blend!

For example, if you found that 0.06 ounces of Virginia blended with .0.02 ounces of Burley and 0.02 ounces of Turkish was just right, then you now know that your blend is 60% Virginia, 20% Burley, and 20% Turkish.

Using that formula, you can now blend up a few ounces! Six ounces will make about a full carton of cigarettes so, you would blend 3.6 ounces of Virginia with 1.2 ounces of Burley and 1.2 ounces of Turkish. That formula is: 6X0.6 = 3.6, 6X0.2 = 1.2.           (3.6+1.2+1.2 = 6)

Part of the fun is the discovery of what each tobacco does to the cigarette! Don’t be afraid to try things out. With a one pound “Blend pack”, you’ll have enough tobacco to try dozens of different mixes and still be able to settle on the one you like best. from that point on, you know how much of each individual tobacco to order for the future.

I hope this was informative!

High Desert Heirloom LLC has filed Articles of Incorporation!

We have taken the first step in becoming a Nevada Corporation and filed our Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State in Nevada.

We’ve also purchased our business license so that we can start commercial operation right away.

Our first effort in retail operation is to sell one type of agricultural commodity. Unprocessed tobacco that can be used however the end user wishes to use it! We’ll be able to offer this, by the pound, to our customers at great savings. Initial pricing is looking like $15 – $17 per pound plus shipping.

In the near future, we’ll have pages set up so that the general public, over the age of 18, may see what we have to offer and make purchases online. We’ll also have informational pages about what uses the tobacco can have and how to do what you want to do!

Soon to be selling whole leaf tobacco!

High Desert Heirloom is purchasing a small order of three varieties of whole leaf, straight from the farm, tobacco to sell. We’ll make an announcement here when the tobacco is ready for sale and we have an ordering system in place. Only persons over the age of 18 may order!!!

These tobaccos can be used to make your own blend of cigarette tobacco or pipe tobacco. Heck, you could even use it to make up some interesting chew!


The three varieties will be:

Virginia Bright leaf:

A mild, flue cured, tobacco
A mild, flue cured, tobacco

This tobacco is a mild, flue cured tobacco. It’s nicotine content is not considered to be strong and it has a mild, pleasant taste when smoked. It is usually used by American tobacco companies as about 70% of the tobacco blend in cigarettes. The leaves are large and the center rib should be stripped out prior to shredding for use in either pipes or cigarettes. Those center ribs can be used for other things!

Tennessee Burley tobacco:

A strong, air cured tobacco
A strong, air cured tobacco

Tennessee Burley tobacco has a strong flavor and higher nicotine content. It usually makes up about 15% of American cigarette blends. Like the Virginia tobacco above, it has large leaves with a large center rib that should be stripped out prior to shredding for use.

Oriental (Turkish) Prilep tobacco:

A mild, lower nicotine, tobacco.
A mild, lower nicotine, tobacco.

Oriental (Turkish) tobacco is air cured and has a very mild flavor and lower nicotine levels. In regular American cigarettes, it usually makes up about 15% of the blend. This variety has smaller leaves and can be shredded whole without removing the center rib.

We are going to offer all three varieties at $17 per pound with free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. The minimum order will be 2 pounds.

Packaging will be in one pound, vacuum sealed, bags to preserve freshness and moisture content.


Why are we selling this and why are we only selling it in whole leaf form?

High Desert Heirloom farm is going to need more capital in order to get up and running. Tobacco is one of the cash crops we will be raising and selling so, it makes sense for us to use tobacco as our first effort at raising funds.

As for the whole leaf form, THAT is to keep costs down for EVERYONE involved! You see, tobacco that is still in the whole leaf form is not subject to the taxes imposed on shredded, or otherwise processed, tobacco meant for end use. It’s a simple agricultural product.

Why shouldn’t you simply go down to the store and buy pre-shredded tobacco if you want to roll your own cigarettes?

If you don’t mind paying upwards of $30 for only six ounces of tobacco and you don’t want the hassle of shredding your own and you are fine with the blends you’ll get, then buying the pre-shredded rolling tobacco makes sense! That will work out to about $30 for a carton of cigarettes.

However, If you want to lower your cost, have total, control over the blend of your tobacco, and don’t mind shredding your own, you can get the cost of your carton of cigarettes down to about $8.50! That’s much less than 1/3 the cost of rolling your own with pre-shredded and processed cigarette tobacco and less than 1/4 the cost of pre-made cigarettes!

Other advantages are mostly over manufactured cigarettes. It is semi-illegal for anyone to say that any tobacco is ‘healthier’ than any other tobacco so. we’ll just run through the differences between what we’re selling and what you get in that pack of manufactured smokes.

Manufactured cigarettes contain a whole host of chemicals that come from the process used. Cigarette manufacturers have found that they need a very uniform and consistent shredded tobacco in order for their machines to run in peak form. In order to ensure that consistency, they first blend the varieties of tobacco as pieces of leaf. After that, they pulp the entire mix into what is best described as ‘tobacco paper pulp’. Also during this process, the nicotine levels may, or may not, be ‘adjusted’ by the tobacco company.

Making the tobacco paper pulp and getting it ready to become a thin sheet of tobacco paper requires a bit of chemical help. those chemicals do not get washed out!

Once the sheets, rolls really, of this processed tobacco is ready, then it is run through the shredding machines and stuffed into cigarette tubes.

With whole leaf tobacco, YOU do the shredding and no chemicals are added! You also have the opportunity to flavor your tobacco is you wish to do so. It’s not difficult! You also have total control over the kind of blend you want… more flavor… less nicotine… less flavor… super strong… super light…

Check back often to see when we announce that sales are starting!